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"Mark, I mention you in a superlative way every chance I get and whenever I'm asked...the product your team produced for us was outstanding in every respect...and you set a great tone for the service and bedside manner of all the people on the team."


Rich & Jackie Fineberg



"...the 1927 Pebble Beach Spanish style home was artfully 

re-envisioned by Mark Cristofalo, renovated with historical integrity and seamlessly expanded in 2015.  The finest materials, superior craftsmanship, design ingenuity and artistry which Mark brought to our one-of-a-kind home is hard to fully describe. Mark is a master builder and craftsman who builds original homes of the highest quality and no attention to detail,

no matter how small, is ever lost."


Rik & Linda Kunnath


"In his architecture, which he treats like a fine art,

you feel pleasure and radiates in every area and on everything.

Thank you for creating this beautiful space we call home."


David & Kristen Brent


"Our home is stunningly beautiful, the workmanship is superb, and the views of the Monterey Bay and surrounds

are breathtaking....It is magnificent....

Tom and I could not be more pleased."


Tom & Helen Cooper



"...what he built has exceeded all of our expectations.   We had such a wonderful experience with Mark.  His attention to detail and eye for design has made our home exceptional and his talent and professionalism are second to none. 

We shall be forever grateful to him."


Robbie & Lynn Robinson



"Mark Cristofalo and Company helped us build our dream home.  Mark had the vision and patience to take our architectural drawings and bring them to life...The result was a home that perfectly fit the environment and appears to have been in place forever.  We have never received such outstanding service from a builder before and his entire team was fantastic and helpful throughout the process. We could never imagine building again without Mark."


The Kehring Family



" ...we have moved many times cross country over the past 30 years and done major renovations in our previous homes. The professionalism and craftsmanship exceeded our expectations.  Mark was a visionary as to what was possible. We highly recommend him on any major project!"


Jim & Norma Alessandri



" After seeing the quality and painstaking detail of the homes Mark had built, I knew they were the perfect team to design and build my home on the Monterey Peninsula.  His creativity and insight transcended into a design that beautifully exhibits the intuition Mark has for listening to their client's visions and bringing to life a home unique to each individual homeowner...The transparency, professionalism and reliability of the team at Mark Cristofalo & Co. made building a home over 150 miles away into a truly effortless experience I would gladly do again with them at my side."


Craig Saladino



"...such a wonderful eye for design and detail. They also showed us how we can get what we wanted and stay within our budget. Thank you so much!"


The Schecter family



"I completely enjoyed every aspect of the building process. Phenomenal. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"


Sandy Switzer



"Your homes inspire powerful and positive emotions. 

Thank you!"


 John & Patty Chenault 



"Your work is so beautiful..."


 Jason & Susan Gleason



"Your vision became our reality... our dream. Thank you for the perfect home!"


 Robert & Aurora Teh



"Among all the builders and architects we interviewed prior to building our home, Mark stood out as someone who not only listened to our needs and desires but someone who loves his work and has immense pride in his craftsmanship.  It seemed clear early on that he was more interested in delivering a beautiful final product to please his clients than to meet his bottom line.  Yet, he never wavered away from the concern to meet our budget.   Now having lived in our home for over two years, we cannot be happier to be in our home and to have worked with Mark who confirmed all of our initial instincts about his character and talent by delivering the home of our dreams within our budget and in a timely manner.  Overall, it was a beautiful and fun process!"


Nigel & Jinah Lovett



"Inspired, passionate, visionary..."


Dan Smith


 "For us, building the home was a personal expression of how we wanted to live as well as the actual process of construction.  Mark and his team were meticulous in their execution,  took pride in their work,  listened and made the effort to  understand our goals, and made creative and inspired suggestions along the way.  All of which is reflected in the wonderful details, individual expression,  and quality of workmanship in the home.  It was a hand-in-glove experience that met and exceeded our expectations and all done essentially on time and within budget and with people who were the expert at their craft and easy to work with."


Mark & Susan Bertelsen



"They're my idea of a perfect partner. I knew I could trust them to make the right decisions, which they did, time and time again."


Dave Solomon



"It has been two years since we moved into the dream home built for us by James Smith AIA and Mark Cristofalo.  We are even happier now than we were on the joyful day they handed us the keys...It was a wonderful journey with them."


Ernest & Gunde Posey




Mark Cristofalo & Company | 831.241.4214 | 

Carmel | Pebble Beach | Monterey | San Francisco | Monterey Peninsula Properties Inc. | B858559

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